School Board Appreciation Month

This January, School Board Appreciation month, we would like to honor the five individuals that make up the Board of Directors for Kelso School District. 

Individually they are each strong, thoughtful, compassionate, and dedicated. As a team, they are truly extraordinary. Through collaboration with each other and with school district staff, they help create and support strong systems that aid in furthering high-quality educational programs.

These elected board members are volunteers in the community who selflessly serve in an enormous capacity, taking seriously their responsibilities. These responsibilities include supporting 4,800 students and more than 700 employees, in 11 schools. They are tasked with collecting and responding to a tremendous amount of information regarding school curriculum, safety, policies, and day-to-day operations, to mention only a few.

Recognizing the importance of student voice, they have created an opportunity for students to be heard. Taking time to hear from students has become a priority and focus of the board, furthering their capacity to make strong decisions that remove barriers and benefit each and every student in our commitment to 100% - 100% of students that graduate and are post-secondary enrolled in 2-year college, 4-year college, apprenticeships/trades or military.

This is often a thankless job with substantial demands. Please join us in thanking our school board members for their essential and much-appreciated civic leadership.


Serving Kelso School District are: Jeane Conrad (President), Mike Haas (Vice President), Karen Grafton, Ron Huntington, and Leah Moore.