Enrollment Information


General Enrollment Requirements

Under state guidelines a child must be five years old by August 31st to enter kindergarten. Registration requires a birth certificate or piece of identification to verify the child’s birth date. Record of immunization is also required at enrollment. To determine which school your child should attend, visit this school locator site. The district requires students or their parents to provide proof of residency within the district, such as copies of phone and water bills or lease agreements. The school district will not require proof of residency or any other information regarding an address for any student who is classified as homeless under the provisions of the federal McKinney-Vento Act. A district will not inquire into a student’s citizenship or immigration status or that of his/her parents or guardians.

When enrolling a child who has previously attended another school, the district will request records from the child’s previous school and will require parents to disclose:

  • Student’s legal name

  • Any history of placement in a special education program;

  • Any past, current or pending disciplinary actions;

  • Any history of violent behavior or convictions,

  • Adjudications or diversion agreements related to a violent offense, a sex offense, inhaling toxic fumes, a drug offense, a liquor violation, assault, kidnapping, harassment, stalking or arson;

  • Any unpaid fines or fees from other schools; and

  • Any health conditions affecting the student’s educational needs

Please note that if your child has a potentially life threatening illness such as diabetes or asthma, a health plan will need to be in place before a child is able to attend school.

If your student receives special education services under IDEA please contact Julie Chrest at 501-1909.