Tara Micheletto

I was inspired by the many teachers I had growing up. There were some impactful people throughout my education that made me want to do the same.

- Tara Micheletto - Assistant Principal

Tammy Parsons

I believe that relationships are the foundation to success at school. Getting to know my students, their interests, strengths and weaknesses is the first step in helping them grow.

- Tammy Parsons - 4th grade

Sarah Dahl

I loved school as a kid and I love helping others. This career allows me to support students with disabilities and empower them to function at their potential while at school.

- Sarah Dahl, Occupational Therapist

Scott Sims

I have always loved the Pumpkin Run, but right up there is the Sock Hop - where we get to enjoy our community coming together.

- Scott Sims - Physical Education

Cami Rothwell

We have such amazing students here. I love being an Eagle because I get the honor of working with incredible staff, students and our community.

- Cami Rothwell - Counselor

Elaine Van Mil

There is nothing better than to share your love of reading and learning with a child, in hopes it provides the inspiration for them to learn and be successful.

- Elaine Van Mil - 2nd grade

Jennifer Phipps

I love that we are all learning together? Everything from walking in the hallways to being and becoming superb citizens, showing growth every single day.

- Jennifer Phipps - 1st grade

Kathy Endreson

I love working with and being around kids. They are amazing and so much fun!

- Kathy Endreson - Para Educator

Stacey Booth

I got into education because of how much I loved being at school and learning.

- Stacey Booth - Kindergarten

Tanya Holt

I love the feeling of family amongst staff and students.

- Tanya Holt - Health Specialist

Lynette Oswald

I love creating a culture together, including making many new traditions as a NEW school with our students, families and community.

- Lynette Oswald - Assistant Principal

Avery Dyer

Wednesday Shout Outs are the best. The students feel so loved and appreciated when they are recognized by staff and administration. It’s a great positive reinforcement that makes the kids feel special.

- Avery Dyer - 2nd grade

Dana Hurst

I love kids so much. You could be having the worst day and they will make it better with just a smile or something they say; funny or sweet.

- Dana Hurst - Kitchen

Becky Dunkin

When a child has been struggling and they finally grasp the educational concept we are working on ...they light up with excitement and understanding...It's the best reward ever!

- Becky Dunkin - Para Educator

Audrie Luczek

As a Speech Language Pathologist, I can work in hospitals, schools, birth-to-five clinics or even run my own business - but I chose to work in elementary schools because I was in speech in my elementary school.

- Audrie Luczek - SLP

Laura Andreasen

When choosing a profession to pursue, I looked to those that would allow me to give back and make a difference in the lives of children. Having the opportunity to be a part of children's learning and growth is a blessing.

- Laura Andreasen - 1st grade

Beth Wills

I initially got into education because I always enjoyed tutoring friends and siblings. I stayed because I realized how much I loved the kids .

- Beth Wills - Behavior Manager

Jeannie Reveal

The community here at Lexington is like no other. As traditions are being made, I really enjoy any time I get to spend with my students and their families outside of the classroom.

- Jeannie Reveal - 5th grade

Candice Brandhorst

I love being part of such a large school. The community environment is great!

- Candice Brandhorst - Kitchen

Annie Bradbury

I spent many years working with some struggling populations in our community. I’m a helper at heart. I started to ask myself where I could make a real change and decided education is where it is at! I see education as a real vehicle of change in our community.

- Annie Bradbury - Kindergarten

Amy Maurer

I have always loved school and working with kids. Seeing that “lightbulb moment” when a student learns something new brings me joy. I hope to pass on my passion for learning to my own students!

- Amy Maurer - 4th grade

Bayne Marrs

I believe building relationships with students is the key to unlocking their potential. When kids feel comfortable and safe at school with an adult they trust , then they can learn.

- Bayne Marrs - 3rd grade