Staff Spotlight

Mr. Peck

"I will always remember my first year at Barnes and the laughs and the relationships we began building together. Most of all, I will remember the daily grind of learning how we all can more successfully “Regulate, Relate, and Reason” with another as we strive to live out our Big Bear Beliefs!”

- Mr. Peck

Mr. Lundberg

"There are so many great memories I have had in my 4 years here at Barnes it is difficult to pick just one, but the thing that sticks out to me are the memories I hold onto each school-year related to the growth we are able to observe from each of our students from one year to the next."

- Mr. Lundberg

Mrs. Morse

"My favorite part about being a Barnes Bear was Bear Cave. I loved seeing students build relationships with peers and teachers across different grade levels."

- Mrs. Morse

Mrs. Rowton

"I have so many fond memories at Barnes. My most favorite memory is going to the Mt. St. Helen's Visitor Center and Seaquest State Park for our field day. Not only did we go once, we got to go twice. They were very long days for me, but worth every minute watching our BEARS have so much fun!"

- Mrs. Rowton

Kelli Stewart

"One of my favorite memories at Barnes is when our Resource Room students prepared, cooked and served full Thanksgiving meals together. We loved celebrating each other and sharing the joy!"

- Mrs. Stewart