Construction Timeline - Aug 1, 2019

We’re making progress in all six of our bond priorities. Lots of construction will be happening this summer.


Safety & Security

  • Collins Architects hired for consultation
  • Current plans for 2 new schools will set safety standards for all other schools

Two School Replacements

  • Designs for both schools completed
  • Broke ground on Wallace May 22
  • Groundbreaking on Lexington in September
  • Soil stabilization work happening over the summer

School Modernizations

  • Collins Architectural Group selected in May
  • Designs for Butler Acres and Carrolls in process

Adding & Updating Classrooms

  • CTE project awarded to JH Kelley
  • Most CTE updates scheduled to be completed this summer

Traffic & Parking

  • 13 properties purchased to improve traffic flow at Butler Acres, Carrolls, and Wallace
  • Redesigning traffic patterns for buses and student drop-off for Butler Acres, Carrolls, Lexington and Wallace

Athletic Facilities Completed:

  • Artificial turf at Schroeder Field

In process:

  • Handrails, elevator, sound system in stadium (ETA summer 2019)
  • KHS gym floor and bleachers (ETA summer 2020)

Still to come:

  • Improvements to practice fields at KHS, Coweeman, and Huntington
  • Additional gym for Huntington
  • Two middle school tracks


On Target

By the end of this summer, we will have expended $22.1 M of the bond revenue on projects completed or in process. With $132.7 M remaining, the budget is on target.