We will be conducting state SBA testing on May 9, 10, 16 and 17. We will be on a late start for these four days, and classes will start at 10:15am. Below is the schedule for who needs to test on which days of the schedule. Testing starts at 7:50am.

Classes for all students will start at 10:15am. If you ride a KSD school bus, there will be double routes on testing days. Students who are testing, need to catch their bus at the regular time. Non-testing students will catch the second run of buses. The KSD transportation department will be pushing out the double run bus schedule, so you can see when your student should be catching the bus if they are coming to school on the second run. For non-testing students, teachers will have their Google classrooms loaded with assignments, so students can work remotely during the late start time. The bell schedule for these four days is as follows.