crystal apple

Last week the Kelso/Longview Chamber of Commerce held the Crystal Apple and Pillar of Strength Award Banquet, for which Kelso School District had 35 nominees! This chamber event  recognizes local educators for all of their hard work as well as to help fund their numerous scholarship opportunities for area seniors. This year, KSD took home the following 2 awards:

  • Beth Webb - K-12 Teacher of the Year
  • Jesse Spellmeyer - K-12 Classified/Support Person of the Year

Congratulations to all our incredible nominees: 
Aaron Madsen, Alison Latham, Becky Richards, Beth Webb, Brenda Angelico, Brittney Rister, Cindy Chapman, Cindy Cromwell, Courtney Anderson, Elaina Flores, George Larsen, Gianne Curry, Heather Ogden, Holly Budge, Jacquelyn Radmer, James Kiefer, Jayne Kolberg, Jesse Spellmeyer, Kelli Stewart, Kristine Hansen, Lynette Oswald, Maleah Cooper, Marilyn Melville-Irvine, Mark Connolly, Megan Berry, Nancy Baldwin, Rebecca Keithley, Rena Dillinger, Seth Peck, Shelley Kyllo, Tammy Smith, Tammy Trafelet, Tara Micheletto, Teresa Aloe, and Teresa Melone.