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On March 22, ESD 112 hosted the 2023 Southwest Washington Regional High School Art Show virtually on YouTube. The collective body of student art in our region was inspiring.

We are proud to celebrate our Kelso High School students winning awards at this regional show:

REGIONAL AWARDS received the highest average scores from the judges and will represent the Southwest region in the Annual State Superintendent of Public Instruction Art Show in Olympia, taking place on May 30 at Benaroya Hall in downtown Seattle. Kelso students received five of the fifteen Regional Awards.

  • Sarah Warner, “Dial It Up”, Kelso High School, Kelso School District
  • Jason Tran, “Quicksilver”, Kelso High School, Kelso School District
  • Hailey Smith, “Green Girl”, Kelso High School, Kelso School District
  • Taryn Mckay, “sHE’S A REBEL”, Kelso High School, Kelso School District
  • Elizabeth Ruff, “Loki”, Kelso High School, Kelso School District

ESD 112 AWARDS were rated very highly by the judges in the four judging categories (originality, composition, emotion and technique). Kelso students received one of seventeen ESD 112 Awards.

  • Krysta Mattus, “Winter Portrait”, Kelso High School
  • Claudia Gipson, “Patched”, Kelso High School
  • Yoselin Sanchez-Bueno, “Nobody’s Clown”, Kelso High School
  • Josie Settle, “Blooming in Rain or Shine”, Kelso High School

HONORABLE MENTIONS were also rated very highly by the judges. Kelso students received three of twenty Honorable Mentions.

In addition to the recognition from ESD 112, all student artists who were recognized with an award in this year’s Art Show also received scholarships from the Department of Art + Design at Central Washington University, and/or Pacific Northwest College of Art.

Click here to see a full list of awards, and here to see the gallery of all participants.

Arts Program in Kelso School District Research shows arts in education engages students in learning, increases attendance, reduces misbehavior, improves test scores (particularly among at-risk youth), strengthens community, and improves long-term academic, occupational, and social outcomes.

In Kelso School District, we have a wide variety of visual and performing arts options for students.  Our robust program gives students a pathway for personal expression while providing them with lifelong skills and the opportunity to share their talents with their communities through performance and competition.

You can watch the #KelsoStrong video on visual and performing arts here:

We Are #KelsoStrong