art winners

Kelso student artists won first, second, AND third place in the US Congressional Art Competition this year. 

Mayci Bloomfeldt won first place. Her artwork is being shipped to Washington, D.C. and will hang in the US Capitol building over the next year. It’s an extra big honor being an election year, because Kelso will represent high school art from Southwest Washington’s 3rd Congressional district during a busy time at the Capitol. 

Kylana Hegnes tied for second place and Miah Montgomery placed third. Their work will hang in Congresswoman Beutler’s office at Fort Vancouver for the next year. 

Way to finish strong, KHS artists!

Mayci Bloomfeldt, Sissy Selfie - 1st Place

Kylana Hegnes, Lungs of Nature - 2nd place

Miah Montgomery, Running Wild - 3rd Place