Kelso School District and FORMA Construction have the highest respect and reverence for the American flag and everything it stands for. Our organizations are made up of people who have honorably served in the armed forces as well as those who enjoy the freedoms afforded us by those who have served. The American flag and all those who have sacrificed to keep it flying have our complete and unwavering respect and gratitude.

We are disheartened to learn that during demolition of Wallace Elementary an American flag was discovered only after the beam it was attached to was pulled from the building.

As soon as the flag was seen, the crane operator stopped the crane and carefully retrieved the flag; which is now in the process of being honorably and respectfully retired.

Our deepest apologies for the accidental treatment of this powerful symbol of America. 


Mary Beth Tack, Superintendent
Kelso School District

The FORMA Project Manager onsite would like to offer this formal apology, as well.