How much money will go into the new Huntington Middle School?

This major modernization has a budget of $30.1 million and includes:

  • Replacement of all major MEP (mechanical/HVAC, electric, plumbing)
  • Office relocation and new school entry
  • Second gymnasium
  • Significant cosmetic facelift
  • Track replacement and football field irrigation and renewal (as part of the Athletic Facilities bond projects)

Will there be an actual middle school experience for students during the relocation year?

All middle school courses and activities will still be available. We are in the process of determining how best to provide industrial tech, science, family consumer science, and physical education. With a year to work out the details, we will make sure this will be a high quality middle school experience for your student.

What is the cost of temporary relocation?

Of the three options reviewed, Option 3 (below) was selected based on cost, duration of construction and impact on student learning. The $750,000 cost is a combination of moving district-owned portables to the site, leasing three classroom portables, and leasing one bathroom portable.




Duration of Construction

Impact on Student Learning

Option 1

28 portables on HMS site

$3 million

15 months


Decreased safety and security, maximum use of portable environment

Option 2

Partial portables and partial in HMS

$2.5 million

28 months


Learning and teaching in construction noise, reduced air quality, decreased safety and security, partial use of portable environment

Option 3

Alternative Site


15 months


Classroom environment similar to current learning environment, minimal use of portable environment

Was the soon-to-be vacant Beacon Hill Elementary site considered?

We reviewed safety and security, classroom space, gym space, cafeteria capabilities, and traffic patterns.  After reviewing all of those priorities, the challenges of the Beacon Hill site made it not feasible as a temporary location.

Will the vacant Catlin Elementary be big enough to fit all the Huntington students?

With the addition of five portable classrooms, Catlin will be able to accommodate all the middle school students.  See rendering below for location of portables.

How will traffic flow work?

We are working with a traffic consultant and the City of Kelso to review traffic flow and ensure plans will meet city requirements. The below is subject to change as we further develop plans.  

  • Bus Traffic will maintain the same pattern that Catlin currently utilizes.  Busses will enter the site from the south via NW 3rdAvenue.  After student pickup/drop, busses would then exit the site via Long Ave, heading north.
  • Parent Drop off/pickup will take place from the NE corner of the site, via one way in, and one way out site access utilizing Fisher Court.  The intent is to encourage one way traffic flow.
  • Staff would most likely be on site prior to parent traffic, and leave post traffic rush.  They would have access to the site from both Fisher Court and Long Ave.

Parking…Where will staff and parents park?

  • Staff:  There are 60 spaces identified immediately adjacent the building to the South and East, as well as south of the proposed portables for staff parking.
  • Parent:  Approximately 20 spaces located on the East side of the site, adjacent to the drop off/pickup are provided (via Fisher Court) for parent parking, as well as 17 spaces at the front entry (via Long Ave).  Additional street parking along Fisher Court could also be utilized.

How will music programs happen?

The district will work closely with our outstanding music team to develop a plan for performances that will most likely be performed at Kelso High School facilities or other locations.

How will sports work?

All middle school sports will still continue. We will still use the Huntington football field for practices and games.  The new Lexington gym will provide our Husky athletes with incredible facilities for practices and games. For the Huntington and Lexington alternative sports locations, students will be bussed to those sites.

Is the cafeteria large enough to feed all the students?

With students divided into three lunch periods, the cafeteria will accommodate all students.

It was my understanding that once Lexington Elementary is built, Catlin and Beacon Hill couldn’t be used for K-12 due to matching funds from the state.

For long term use, that is correct.  Per state requirements, both Catlin and Beacon Hill must be used for purposes other than K-12 education. However, use of Catlin Elementary as a temporary location during construction is allowed by the state.

Will students be able to leave the Catlin campus during the day?

As with all our schools, students will not be allowed to leave the Catlin campus during the school day. It is a closed campus educational environment.