track and field

It was an extraordinary weekend for our Hilanders!

9:  State Podium Awards
Reilee Gourde: 5th in javelin & 6th in pole vault; Ruby Sereday: state champion in javelin, 5th in shot put; Josie Settle: state champion in 100m hurdles, state champion 300m hurdles, 3rd in triple jump, 3rd in long jump; Koda Woodard: 6th in shot put

5:  State Track Qualifiers  
Bannick Allen, Reilee Gourde, Ruby Sereday, Josie Settle, Koda Woodard

5: Personal Records
Reillee Gourde: javelin; Ruby Sereday: javelin; Josie Settle: 100m hurdles and 300m hurdles; Koda Woodard: shot put

3:  Individual State Titles
Ruby Sereday: javelin state champion; Josie Settle: 100m hurdles state champion, 300m hurdles state champion

2:  School Records
Josie Settle: 100m hurdles, 300m hurdles

1:  1st EVER Girls Track & Field Championship Team Title