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A joint project of Kelso School District & Longview Public Schools

Kelso School District and Longview Public Schools developed a joint awareness campaign to encourage people to practice safety protocols to get (and keep) students in school in-person.

Students who are already attending school in person are doing great. Not only are the students following proper safety protocols, they are thrilled to be back in class. The remainder of students continue learning remotely as school districts make plans to get them back for in-person learning. Our kids desperately want to return to school and learn in the classroom with their teachers and classmates.

To help make that happen, we are asking everyone in our community to follow established health safety protocols by wearing a face covering when out in public, maintaining at least 6 feet of distance from other people, and practicing good hand washing hygiene. To help spread the word about practicing good health safety habits we created several promotional ads using photos of local students that feature health safety messages.

The iconic Rosie the Riveter is used as the theme and basis for the artwork for it’s empowering nature and strong parallels.

In a challenging time of war, need, and desperation in America, when so many had to make great sacrifices, women answered the call and filled vital roles. Rosie is the symbol of that “can do” effort.

Right now, the whole world is experiencing a pandemic—a challenging time of need and desperation. We are not at war, but we most certainly are battling not just COVID-19, but also so many things left in its wake. And so many have sacrificed so much.

The bravery and willingness of Rosie and other women to do what they had never done before in support of the greater good for all is an amazing thing.

We are calling on the essence of that greatness, bravery, and willingness in hopes of helping everyone in our community understand that they, too, can do things they may not feel comfortable doing—like wearing a mask, keeping their distance, etc.—in support of the greater good for all, which in this case is slowing the spread of COVID for everyone, and giving our kids the in-person education they need and deserve.

Each district has posters modeled after the original Rosie the Riveter poster. The poster headline, “We Can Do What’s Best for Kids” sits atop a photo of a student in the famous Rosie the Riveter pose. Below is one of three brief safety messages:

  • Wear a mask to keep kids in class.

  • Stay 6 ft apart to give kids a good start.

  • Washing hands is neat to keep kids in seats.

Posters will be placed in schools and shared in newsletters and social media

Want to help spread the word? Download images of the posters to put up in your place of business or create your own.

School districts wanting to join the effort can request native art files (in InDesign) from Michele Nerland at