Stadium & Athletic Fields


Proposed Budget 6,820,000 Dollars

Proposed Improvements

  • Resurface Schroeder Field with synthetic turf and replace stadium lighting system

  • Provide irrigation to playing and practice fields at secondary schools

  • Replace tracks at Coweeman and Huntington Middle Schools

  • Replace elevator

  • Repair spalling of concrete on columns and stairs

  • Repair water intrusion through concrete seating and traffic areas

  • Replace water damaged plywood and insulation below seating area

  • Replace galvanized steel domestic water piping with copper tubing

  • Add exterior wall hydrants

  • Replace boiler

  • Replace electric unit ventilators

  • Replace pneumatic controls with DDC controls

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The stadium is nearing 40 years old and requires upgrades to heating/ventilation, plumbing, and some lighting systems. Water intrusion issues need to be addressed along with replacement of the elevator for ADA access. Schroeder Field will be replaced with synthetic turf to allow for expansion of use for school and community activities, classes, athletic teams, marching band, and events. Tracks at Coweeman and Huntington Middle Schools will also be replaced. Irrigation is necessary to properly maintain playing field across the district.