Meet the Team

Our Facility Improvement Team has been meeting since January 2017, to take a good look at where we stand with our facilities, compare that to where we want them to be for our children, and map out a plan to get there.

Convened by the Kelso School District Board, the Facility Improvement Team is charged with undertaking a capital improvement planning process to keep district facilities in good condition and accommodate new and existing educational programming using sound fiscal practices.

For additional information, go to the Facility Improvement Planning page on the District website.

Objective #1

Conduct a Capital Needs Study and Survey

Objective #2

Prepare a comprehensive plan that focuses on the following strategies:

Develop a long-range facilities plan that is fiscally responsible and builds upon the changing needs of the district and local community;

  1. Renovate, construct facility additions, or replace obsolete or worn-out schools on a systematic schedule to provide safe, up-to-date facilities that meet the changing educational program needs of the District;

  2. Provide for maintenance and system renovations or replacement on a schedule that:

    • Avoids accumulating deferred maintenance; and,

    • Ensures that buildings remain environmentally safe, function efficiently, maintain adopted levels of service standards, and meet existing and future facility needs;

  3. Incorporate updated school safety and security measures, and emergency response systems to expedite response and arrival of emergency responders in the event of a threat or emergency at schools; and,

  4. Provide for the ancillary facilities needed to support the educational programs and other non-education needs of the district.

We’d like to acknowledge the team’s efforts and thank them for all the time and attention they’ve given this project.

Tom Carver

School Construction Assistance Planning from OSPI School Facilities & Organization

Craig Collins

Architectural/Engineering Team Representative from Collins Architectural Group

Phil Crocker

Educational Planning Representative from Teeter Crocker Consulting

Pat Doebele

Retired Elementary Teacher at Wallace Elementary

Bob Freund

Coach and Teacher at Kelso High School

Greg Gardner

Principal at Coweeman Middle School

Glenn Gelbrich

Superintendent of Kelso School District

Mike Haas

Parent and Community Representative

Larry Hembree

Former Kelso School District Board Member

Dale Hirsch

Senior Maintenance Specialist – Carpenter at Kelso School District

Pat Hymes

Secondary Teacher at Kelso High School

Dot Joslin

Retired Teacher from Kelso SD, Parent and Community Representative

David Kaitz

School and Demographics Planner from Davis Demographics

Darr Kirk

Parent and Captain at Kelso Police Department

David McDaniel

Transportation Supervisor of Kelso School District

Roy Parsons

Kelso School District Board Member

Mark Prussing

Financial Services/Bond Planning from ESD Financial Advisory Services

Cody Reid

Asst. Network and Tech Support Manager at Kelso School District

Patrick Rowland

Lead Mechanic at Kelso School District

Gary Schimmel

Facility & Maintenance Supervisor of Kelso School District

Kelli Stewart

Kelso Education Association Representative and Teacher at Barnes Elementary

Thoughtexchange, Inc.

Community Engagement

Scott Westlund

CFO of Kelso School District

Kelley Wilson

Senior Project Manager, Construction Services Group

Tim Yore

Principal at Catlin Elementary