Huntington Middle School

Huntington MS

Proposed Budget 16,650,00 Dollars

Proposed Improvements

  • Provide security access control system

  • Redesign main entrance and entry way

  • Replace roof

  • Paint school

  • Replace windows

  • Replace tile in shop classroom, shop corridor, and kitchen

  • Replace original glue-on ceiling tile

  • Replace gymnasium operable wall

  • Replace operable wall on stage, and replace doors, curtain and lighting

  • Replace original linoleum on 2nd floor

  • Upgrade power service in shop building

  • Replace siding on shop building

  • Replace electrical service

  • Provide new addressable fire alarm system

  • Replace phone system

  • Add 4-6 additional duplex outlets in each classroom

  • Replace galvanized steel domestic water piping with copper tubing

  • Replace boiler

  • Replace library HVAC system

  • Replace office HVAC system

  • Refurbish PACE air handling unit

  • Replace kitchen exhaust fan

  • Replace pneumatic controls with DDC controls

  • Repair library area structural issue

  • Replace sidewalk along North Kelso Avenue

  • Replace carpet

  • Construct multi-purpose room/gym

Tell Me More

Huntington Middle School will have major mechanical and HVAC system work, along with upgrades to safety, security, and communication systems. A new multi-purpose gym will be developed to accommodate limited physical education spaces. Approximately $9 million in State matching funds will be used to offset project costs.