Improvement Updates

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Safety & Security

$7.5 million

Door access control, video surveillance, exterior lighting, communications systems

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Three School Replacements

$92.9 million

Repurpose Catlin Elementary for non K-12 use and replace with a new school on Lexington property. Rebuild Beacon Hill and Wallace Elementary on their existing sites.

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School Modernization

$17.6 million

Upgrade plumbing, heating, ventilation, cooling, roofs, windows, siding

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Adding & Updating Classrooms

$11.1 million

Elimination of portables, added classrooms, updated career and technical classrooms

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Athletic Facilities

$6.8 million

High school and middle school fields, tracks, and stadium

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Traffic & Parking

$1.1 million

Parking capacity expansion, traffic flow improvement around schools

Project Timeline

Construction Timeline