Photos of the AP & College in HS Teachers.

Advanced Placement and College In The High School Staff

These Hidden Heroes have not stopped serving the kids of Kelso since the closure announcement on March 13 and instantly moved from seat-based learning to distance learning for each and every Kelso student they serve. The courses they teach are closely tied to college transcripts and deadlines for testing that still remain in place even during college and K-12 closures. Total enrollment for these classes is 736, with 199 unduplicated students.

A big shout out to these fast-moving, hard-working teachers.

Advanced Placement Teachers:

  • Lane Backstrom – AP World History

  • Wendy Droke – AP Calculus, AP Computer Science, University of Washington Math 124 & 125

  • Bob Gustin – AP English Composition, University of Washington English 111 & 131

  • Jen Hamilton – University of Washington Math 120

  • Ryan Iddings – AP US History

  • Jayne Kolberg – University of Washington Japanese 103

  • Peter Kooiman – AP Chemistry, University of Washington Chemistry 110