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Welcome to our Scholarship Page!

Below are scholarship resources for the KSD Class of 2023

  Please read all directions carefully as failure to complete applications correctly, and by the deadline, may result in your application not being considered for the scholarship.  

​Scholarships are turned in via the Scholarships Google Classroom or by the method listed on the application.  See Mrs. Dalton in the Counseling Center for questions.

Step 1: Join the google classroom

CLASS OF 2023!

Join your google classroom TODAY!

Step 2: File FAFSA or WASFA

Step 3: Search for Scholarships

Below are scholarship search engines. The google classroom will also have a comprehensive selection of local scholarships that can ONLY be found on the google classroom!

Scholarship Search Engines

These websites allow students to set up a profile and find scholarships that match their goals, interests, and post-secondary plans. Various scholarships can be found at each of these sites.

National College Match

Scholarships available to students who have shown outstanding academic ability despite financial challenges.

Ready Set Grad!

Multiple links to scholarships and Washington State Financial Aid Programs.

Student Scholarships .org

Multiple scholarship programs for class of 2020 students.

Online search engine that accesses national scholarships- matching students to applications.

Free scholarship matching site for Washington State High School students.  Students must create an account.

College Success Foundation

Multiple links to scholarships and Washington State Financial Aid Programs including awards for students in foster care, the Washington Opportunity Scholarship, and more.

Step 4: APPLY!

Need help? Contact the Counseling Center or Career Center for upcoming events!

Attend Scholarship Night on Wednesday, June 7th, 2022 @ 6pm

*local awards will be distributed

Students must follow through on any instructions provided by the donor in order to collect funds.

Step 5: Scholarships Awarded


  • Scholarships are FREE to file, don't pay to apply!

  • FAFSA or WASFA are gatekeepers- check that off your list early

  • Get organized!

  • Create quality documents!

  • Request letters of recommendation!