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REQUIRED COURSE OUTUNE: Longuage Arts Language Arts 9, Language Arts 10, Language Arts 11 Senior LanguaRe Arts Electives Math Algebra I (or math above Algebra II) Geometry AlRebra Il (or equivalent) Science - Two labs required Integrated Science - Earth/Space & Physics (grade 9) or equivalent Biology; Ecology and Biology: Genetlet Integrated Chemistry Science Elective Social Studies World History & Geography (grade 10) US History (grade 11) American Government (grade 12) 1 Social Studies Eléctive Washington State History (non credit requirement usually taken in grade 7) Carter and Technical Education (CTE) Agriculture and Natural Resources, Automotive, Business, Marketing, Info Tech, and Finance, Engineering Design and Fabrication, Human Services, Hospitality, & Education, STEM. Hesith Science, Public Safety, Government/Law (Fire Science First Responder, Health Science Careers, Police Science) Heolth th Grade Physical Education 9th Grade PE 3 PE Electives Arts* World Language* Pathway Electives Music, Art, Theatre, some CTE Courses Japanese, French, Spanish, American Sign Language *Personal Pathway Cholce Total Credits 4,0 3.0 3.0 3.0 10 0.5 2.0 20 2,0 5.5 760 NON-CREDIT REQUIREMENTS Pass Washington State History High School and Beyond Plan Graduation Pathway *Personal Pathway: (must br approved by parent /quardian and counselor) students may take alternate coursework as defined by their High School and Beyond Plan in place of required 2 credits of World Languages and 1.0 of Arts.

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High School graduation requires a certain amount of growth in academic, social, and physical and occupational skills generally thought to be useful in adult life. Since each student enters the  high school experience with a unique set of needs and abilities, it can be expected that the experience provided and the amount of growth observed will vary widely among students. Although there are many differences among students, and graduation from high school will not represent exactly the same for every student, the Kelso School District does possess the responsibility to assure some degree of consistency among its secondary schools with respect to the education represented by a school diploma. This responsibility leads the Board of Education to hereby establish requirements for high school graduation. These requirements shall be consistent with the provisions in Chapter 180-51 WAC.

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