Volunteer Opportunities


The Kelso Public School District is pleased to welcome you as a volunteer. We hope that your experience in our schools will be satisfying and rewarding. The District recognizes that volunteering is often a demanding job. Please be assured that your services are recognized as essential to the ongoing educational program of Kelso Schools.

Currently, the District serves nearly 5,000 students in kindergarten through Grade 12. We have seven elementary schools, two middle schools, one high school and one small alternative high school. Our students benefit from a dynamic curriculum that emphasizes basic skills, high standards and continued learning improvement.

It is the policy of the Kelso School District board of directors to encourage and support family involvement in education at home, in our schools and communities, and in school governance. The board recognizes the diversity of family structures, circumstances, and cultural backgrounds and respects families as important decision makers for their children’s education. The board is committed to the creation and implementation of culturally inclusive and effective school-family partnerships throughout the school district and in each school, and believes these partnerships to be critical to the success of every student.

The District’s family involvement efforts will have six overarching goals. These include, but are not limited to, the following research-based National Standards for Parent/Family Involvement in schools:

  • Communicating: Effective two-way communication between all parents and schools regarding district policies and procedures, local school operating procedures, and an individual child’s progress.
  • Parenting: Information and programs for parents on how to establish a home environment to support learning.
  • Student Learning: Information and programs for parents about how they can assist their own children to learn and meet the student’s short-term and long-term educational goals.
  • Volunteering: Activities to encourage a variety of parental volunteer opportunities in schools both in the classroom and in other areas of the school including attendance at local school programs and events.
  • School Decision-Making and Advocacy: Assistance to develop parental involvement in educational advocacy, including school district task forces and site-based advisory committees.
  • Collaborating with Community: Identification and utilization of community resources to strengthen school and family partnerships and student learning.

Please check with the offices of the individual schools for volunteering opportunities.

Volunteer applications will be processed once Human Resources receives your fingerprint card. Find out where to get fingerprinted here.

Do you already have fingerprints through the Department of Early Learning (DEL)? Please follow the instructions here to send your fingerprints to OSPI.

Are you a current teacher and have been fingerprinted within the last 2 years? Please fill out the volunteer application and call Human Resources at (360) 501-1900 to let them know that you may have clear fingerprints through OSPI.

Information about volunteer conduct, the volunteer clearance process, and how to be successful as a volunteer can be found in the Volunteer Packet.


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