School board

Voters in Kelso School District elect school board members to govern their public schools. Working within a framework of state and federal laws, the board has the ultimate responsibility for providing an educational program for the students attending Kelso Public Schools.

Community members are invited to attend regular bimonthly board meetings. On occasion meetings are canceled or rescheduled. The media is advised at least 24 hours in advance of any change in meeting time.

Leah Moore
Karen Grafton
Jeane Conrad
Mike Haas
Ron Huntington
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kelso school district
board of directors committee assignments
december, 2019

Position 1
Director – Leah Moore

  • Legislative Representative
  • Facilities/Construction

Position 2
Vice President - Karen Grafton

  • ELL Advisory
  • Calendar
  • Kelso Public Schools Foundation

Position 3
Director - Jeane Conrad

  • Council on Learning
  • Student Rights & Responsibilities
  • Highly Capable
  • Budget

Position 4
President - Mike Haas

  • Technology
  • Social & Emotional Learning/Whole Child
  • Budget
  • Boundary Review

Position 5
Director - Ron Huntington

  • CTE
  • WIAA