5 Tips to Help Families Boost Kids' Online Safety

Click here to read an article published by Common Sense Media about Safety, Security and Privacy.

Tools to Manage Cell Phone Use

Check out this article at Common Sense Media. It highlights some great tools the you can use to monitor and control cell phone use. This site also has good information on apps to look out for on children's phones.

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Apps to Get Kids Outside

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Apps that Inspire Kids to Go Outside

7 Steps to Digital Parenting

Parenting today’s tech savvy kids can seem overwhelming. But you can do it! Take these seven simple, though still challenging steps, to becoming a digital parent.

7 Steps to Good Digital Parenting

When A Calculator isn’t a Calculator- Watch for These Apps

Many students have their own Smart-phones or tablets and are often ahead of their parents in the use of the most current apps. Some apps are educational, fun, or helpful, but you should be watchful for apps that set students up for bullying or secretive uses. This article shares about 6 apps that you should watch out for including 2 that appear to be simple could be hiding sensitive images.


Digital Glossary: Keeping Up With the Kids

Do you sometimes feel that your teens a foreign language? Keep up with the latest Digital Lingo by checking out the Digital Glossary provided by Common Sense Media.

Google Drive in our Schools

As part of the district’s “Career, College, and Community Ready” goal, some of our students will be utilizing Google Drive accounts to allow them to produce, share, and easily access assignments, documents and projects using online tools. Google Drive provides free word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software that students can use to create documents from any computer that has Internet access. The district has its own Google Drive portal that allows for the creation of accounts for our students. Our students will only have access to Google Drive, Classroom, Keep, and Sites. The e-mail function within our Google domain is disabled at this time, so students will not have access to e-mail while using their Google accounts. The benefit of Google Drive is that students will have access to their documents both at home and school on any computer that has access to the Internet. We will be able to monitor these accounts if necessary. Students will be using a similar log-in and password as their Skyward Student Access accounts. We encourage you to discuss with your child how he/she is using Google Drive in school.

Low Cost Internet Access for Families

If you are  for inexpensive Internet access for your family, you might want to check out Comcast’s Internet Essentials program which provides Internet access for some families for as low as $9.99 a month.

Century Link’s Internet Basics is a similar program that’s available for $9.95.

For more information about low cost technology , check out the Communities Connect Network for Washington State.


In Kelso School District, the active and appropriate use of technology permeates the learning, teaching, managing, and support environments.

As the students and staff of Kelso Public Schools effectively use technology, our students emerge as:

  • Discriminating selectors of technology tools
    • Information navigators
  • Critical thinkers and analyzers
  • Effective communicators
  • Better citizens, workers, learners, community members, and family members

From the Kelso Public Schools2013-16 Technology Plan.

Technology Integration Specialist
Brenda Sargent