About Kelso


Mary Beth Tack, Superintendent
Scott Westlund, Chief Financial & Operations Officer
Tim Peterson, Director of Human Resources
Kim Yore, Director of Teaching & Learning
Don Iverson, Director of Student Services
Holly Budge, Director of Special Programs

Board of Directors

Leah Moore
Karen Grafton, Vice President
Jeane Conrad
Mike Haas, President
Ron Huntington

Number of Schools

2 High Schools (grades 9-12)
2 Middle Schools (grades 6 – 8)
7 Elementary Schools (grades K – 5)
1 Virtual School

Total student enrollment

5,216 as of May 1, 2018

Average class size

Kindergarten — 22
Grades 1 through 3 — 25
Grades 4 through 6 — 27
Grades 7 through 9 — 26
Grades 10 through 12 — 27

District size

Ranks 50th among Washington’s 100 largest districts

Boundary Map

District Report Card

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