Senior Yearbook Ads

Here is an opportunity to publicly celebrate your son or daughters high school accomplishments in the yearbook. The yearbook has dedicated several pages for you to publish your love and affection, blessings, happy thoughts, and words of encouragement, along with a favorite photo or photos of your student. If you had a photographer take senior pictures of your student this is a great place for you to show them off.

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Inclement Weather Plan

As we enter into the winter weather season, please review our Inclement Weather Plan. In addition to checking the district website or listening to the radio, one of the best ways to learn about any school delays or closures is to call (360) 501-1990. No messages means there are no changes to the schedule. Sometimes our buses will run on snow or flood routes. These routes are posted on our Transportation website.

2019-2020 Nutrition Services Information

It is our pleasure to welcome your students back to Kelso School District for the 2019-2020 year. The Nutrition Services staff are eager, excited, and prepared to serve all students delicious and nutritious meals. It is our mission to make healthy foods accessible to all students in order to prepare them for classroom success. Please read the Back to School Parent letter found below regarding updates and important information for the upcoming school year. You’ll also find a general information letter and the application for free and reduced lunch.

Student Discipline

Each school district adopts policies, consistent with state laws, that describe which behaviors are and are not acceptable. Some examples could include fighting, bullying, failure to cooperate, or violating alcohol prohibitions. Students, parents, and families must be involved when districts develop and update their policies, and the policies must be available to the public. OSPI supports students, families, and schools with student discipline by making rules, providing technical support, maintaining resources, and monitoring schools for compliance with the law. For more information, click the link below.


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Don Iverson – Kelso School District Contact

KHS and Google Apps for Education

As part of the district’s “Career, College, and Community Ready” goal, our students will be utilizing Google Drive accounts that allow them to produce, share, and easily access assignments, documents and projects using online tools.

Google Drive provides free word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software that students can use to create documents from any computer that has Internet access. The district has its own Google Drive portal that allows for the creation of accounts for our students. These are not to be treated as private accounts, but are provided for the purpose of school related work and communications. The benefit of Google Drive is that students will have access to their documents both at home and school on any computer that has access to the Internet. In addition to familiar tools like Google Drive, Classroom, Keep, and Sites, Kelso High students will also have active Gmail accounts that can be used for school related purposes. We are using a monitoring tool called Bark that alerts us to inappropriate or dangerous content. Flagged activity will be reviewed and followed up on if needed. We encourage you to discuss with your child how he/she is using Google Drive in school.


Health Room Information:
Nicole Nickel
(360) 501-1853

The intent of Kelso High School’s health room is to provide emergency care until a student can be released to a parent/guardian or taken to a medical facility. There is very little space in the health room. The one available cot is for students who are truly ill, waiting to go home. The health room is not available to students for resting or sleeping. In order to be admitted temporarily to the health room, students must:

  1. Obtain a note from their classroom teacher.
  2. Check in with the nurse and sign in.
  3. Wait in the health room for release to parents/guardian or emergency contact.

If a student requires emergency aid, the above regulations will not be necessary. In this event, a student should report immediately to any Kelso High School staff member.


Washington State Law (RCW 28.A.210.260) prohibits staff members from distributing any kind of medication to a student without the appropriate procedure implemented. A current “Medication in School” form must be completed by the student’s medical practioner and parent/guardian, and must be on file in the KHS Health Room for medications that must be taken during school hours. The medication must be in its original container and properly labeled by the pharmacy with the student’s name and time and amount of dosage. Only the school nurse or designated secretary may dispense the medication to the student. No medication of any kind (including aspirin, Benadryl, Mylanta, etc.) are kept in Kelso High School’s health room for distribution to any student.

Student Accident Report Form