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We’re seeing a steady decline in the number of kids coming to school ready for kindergarten. Some of the ways lack of readiness shows up is in a student’s ability (or not) to walk in lines, self-regulate, work with others, identify letters, or recognize their own name when it’s written.

Early learning is one of our top district priorities. In addition to providing additional supports for teachers to meet kids where they are, we’re working on ways to help more kids come to kindergarten ready to learn.

Percent of Kelso School District kids ready in all 6 areas of development over time:

kinder readiness over time


Percent of Kelso School District kids ready by area of development in 2018-19:

by area of development


# of Development Areas
K-Ready in 2018

Kelso SD

WA Longview SD

Vancouver SD

0 of 6


7.8% 13.9%


6 of 6


44.9% 25.4%



Percent of qualifying kids in Head Start programs:

  • 95% in Longview
  • 50% in Kelso (due to lack of space)


What we’re doing to help:

  • The district is looking for more space for Head Start programs and partnerships
  • We’re looking for grants to fund kindergarten readiness training for ALL pre-K and day care providers and teachers in Kelso.


Did you know?

  • 71% of kids who are behind when starting kindergarten are still behind in 5th grade (Children’s Reading Foundation)
  • 70% of the achievement gap is created before the beginning of second grade and most likely between birth and kindergarten (Northwest Evaluation Association)


What care givers can do:

  • 20 minutes of reading a day builds attachment, resilience and empathy
  • Label household items so kids see letters in relation to things
  • Play with purpose
    • Find all the red vegetables
    • Count toys in a box
    • Identify shapes

Look at the Readiness Family Checklist by Spokane Public Schools for more: bit.ly/k-readiness