If you are of Native American heritage, your child is eligible for a wonderful opportunity. It’s called Indian Education, and it is a unique program designed to meet the educational and cultural needs of our Indian children.

A Connection to Cultural Heritage 

Students enrolled in Indian Education have an opportunity to learn about Native American history, music, dance, legends and crafts. Parents are encouraged to attend culture classes, too, and many find the program, as well as the annual Powwow scheduled for the third Saturday of May each year, help bring Native American family and community together.

A Path to Higher Education

Students enrolled in Indian Education, who meet the district criteria,  are eligible to receive academic tutoring on a one-on-one basis. Students involved in the program improve academically and they place more value on education. A record number of Native American students graduate from Kelso High School each year.

Isn’t my child automatically enrolled in the Indian Education Program? 

No. In order to be enrolled, we must have an Indian Education registration form on file. You can download this form to your computer and fill it out and print it. It must have an original signature and be submitted to our department.  This form only needs to be completed once for each student. Indian Education is federally funded. The amount of funding is determined by the number of eligible students registered in the school district and enrolled in the Indian Education program.

Program Services

Tutoring: First priority is given to the tutoring program. Parents, teachers and counselors refer students in need of academic help. Students may also request help for themselves.

Culture Classes: These classes provide an opportunity for students, parents and interested persons to learn Native American crafts, culture and history.

Native American Club (Teen Club): This is for secondary students.

Information and Resources: We send a quarterly newsletter that includes information pertaining to Indian life.

We also maintain a resource center (at Wallace Elementary School) with reference books, compact disks, videos and more pertaining to Indian life.

Community Awareness: We recommend guest speakers for classrooms and community groups upon request. We also hold a powwow for the community each spring.

REMEMBER: Your child’s enrollment – whether or not he or she actively participates in the program – will help fund the program for other Native American children.

Program Staff

Shelley Hamrick: Coordinator

JoAnna Greig: Beacon Hill & Catlin

Don Sturdivant: Coweeman and Huntington

Parent Committee

Elizabeth Jones, Chairperson

Trista Curley, Vice-Chair

TBD, Secretary

Marie LaMere, Culture Class

Mike Brock, Powwow Representative

Carlos Mendoza, Teacher Representative

Savannah Killsree, Student Representative

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