Our Washington legislature funds the Learning Assistance Program (LAP) to help all students meet state standards in Reading and Math.  Children who did not meet standard in these areas are eligible for LAP services. Principals, teachers, specialists, and assistants work together to provide the instruction and practice that students need to be successful. The Kelso School District supports this program with professional development, instructional materials, and assessment tools.

Elementary LAP
Elementary schools receive LAP funds. Allocations are needs based, in part, on assessment scores and reduced lunch averages. LAP staff support students who are developing the skills needed to meet standard in Reading or Math. The principal and school staff make decisions about the most effective approach to use based on students’ academic needs. LAP staff work in the classroom with identified students, with small groups of children in another instructional space, or with individuals under the direction of a certificated teacher.

Secondary LAP
LAP staff support students who have not met standard in Reading and Math at our two middle schools. They work in the classroom with identified students under the direction of the English or math teachers. The secondary LAP staff follow the same guidelines as the elementary staff and receive similar training from the district.


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Holly Budge