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Career Center Dates

Career Center Events 2016-2017

~January 10th-May 1st –Every Tuesday Individual Post-Secondary Planning Meetings- 3:00-6:00 pm Career Center
~April 19th - College Transition Student Panel-6:00 Career Center
~May 17th- Senior TO DO LIST Post-Secondary Plans-6:00 Career Center

Homeless Liaison

Is your family in-between housing?
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Don Iverson

KSD District Contact

Kelso High School
1904 Allen St • Kelso, WA 98626
Phone: (360) 501-1800 Fax: (360) 501-1843
Attendance Office: (360) 501-1854
For Records Request, please fax 360-501-1422

School Hours
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

Directions to Kelso High School

Contact Webmaster at khs.webmaster@kelsosd.org

District Non-Discrimination Statement

Any use of tobacco products by staff, students, visitors or community members on Kelso School District property is strictly prohibited, violators may be prosecuted. 


Senior Parent Letter

High school graduation is an important event in your child's life. Kelso High School has a rich tradition of activities that will honor the graduates. Please review the senior letter so you can be aware of these activities.


Students Earn College Credits at KHS

Earn University of Washington English Composition Credits Without Ever Having To Leave Kelso High School.

 English 131 and English 111 are open to interested and qualified juniors and seniors (juniors may take either one of these courses in lieu of taking LA 11). The successful completion of each course will provide Kelso students with 5 credits of college English composition that transfer to other colleges and universities across the country. Students will also receive dual credit through Kelso High School, satisfying local and state graduation requirements.  During this 2016-2017 school year, approximately 90 KHS juniors and seniors are taking advantage of this program and will receive 5 credits of college English composition (along with the enhanced reading and writing skills that accompany these classes)free of charge. Please take a few moments to read through the English 131 and 111 course prerequisites and descriptions. We would love to have you in either class if you are interested in challenging yourself and if you qualify. Sophomores confident of passing the SBA should sign up.

Click Here for More Information


Be "In the Know"

Parents, did you know that you can stay up to date with announcements, deadlines, and activities at Kelso High School by checking out the Daily Bulletin Page? These are the announcements that are read each day at school. This is also a great resource for Running Start students who miss these daily announcements. 

About Kelso's New AVID Program

Kelso has recently started an AVID program. To learn more click here.


Changes to Senior Project Requirements

In order to earn a diploma and participate in graduation ceremonies for the Class of 2017 and beyond, students MUST fulfill all coursework and complete a community service project including a final presentation as part of their American Government class.

In past years students have completed the project on their own time and managed the paperwork through their CLAN teacher. This year the project has been embedded into the American Government course which all seniors are required to take.  Students must complete 20 hours of community service and make a final presentation during the trimester in which they have American Government (service hours may be completed prior to the class). Students will need to complete the appropriate paperwork to verify the work.

This is NOT a new requirement just a new process for completing the work in an effort to ease the stress many seniors face as they navigate through their final year of high school. Please discuss this revision to a long standing graduation requirement with your student. Current volunteer opportunities are available in the Career Center. 

Our Administrators
John Gummel
Rob Birdsell
Assistant Principal 
Len Hiatt
Athletic Director
Laura Hiatt
Melissa Boudreau
CTE Director 
Andrew Gragg
Dean of Students
School Nurse Information

Nicole Nickel
(360) 501-1853 

The intent of Kelso High School's health room is to provide emergency care until a student can be released to a parent/guardian or taken to a medical facility. There is very little space in the health room. The one available cot is for students who are truly ill, waiting to go home. The health room is not available to students for resting or sleeping. In order to be admitted temporarily to the health room, students must:

  1. Obtain a note from their classroom teacher.
  2. Check in with the nurse and sign in.
  3. Wait in the health room for release to parents/guardian or emergency contact.

 If a student requires emergency aid, the above regulations will not be necessary. In this event, a student should report immediately to any Kelso High School staff member.


Washington State Law (RCW 28.A.210.260) prohibits staff members from distributing any kind of medication to a student without the appropriate procedure implemented. A current "Medication in School" form must be completed by the student's medical practioner and parent/guardian, and must be on file in the KHS Health Room for medications that must be taken during school hours. The medication must be in its original container and properly labeled by the pharmacy with the student's name and time and amount of dosage. Only the school nurse or designated secretary may dispense the medication to the student. No medication of any kind (including aspirin, Benadryl, Mylanta, etc.) are kept in Kelso High School's health room for distribution to any student.