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Announcements for Students

Transferring Google Drive Files

If you are a senior or a student leaving KHS at the end of the school year, please be aware that your district Google Drive account will be deleted at some point. Luckily it is easy to export files from Drive to a computer or another non-district Google account. Here are directions on how you can do that.

There is also a Google service called Transfer

Here is a video that shows how it works

Hilanders Rising to the Top

Nine of our high school students were selected to represent our school district at the upcoming music teachers conference which will be held in Portland over President’s Day weekend in February.  The All-Northwest groups are only hosted every other year and include students from Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington and Wyoming.  The All-State groups are hosted every year and are comprised of students from Washington.

Congratulations to these students for their hours of practice and preparation to earn their spot!  Listed alphabetically by last name:

All-Northwest Students

Brent Burkhartt (11, bass, All-NW Mixed Choir)

Isaac Ford (12, string bass, All-NW Orchestra)

Sieara Howard (12, alto, All-NW Treble Choir)

All-State Students

Joshua Dailey (10, euphonium, All-State Concert Band)

Robin Hardwick (12, clarinet, All-State Concert Band)

Hannah Palenske (12, soprano, All-State Symphonic Choir)

Jillian Ramsdell-Rodriguez (10, alto, All-State Symphonic Choir)

Levi Redmill (12, bass, All-State Symphonic Choir)

Phinnley Tokuoka (10, tenor, All-State Symphonic Choir)

Our DECA students participated in a DECA Fall Leadership conference in Bellevue where they participated in a food, toy and clothing drive and a Miracle Minute. Also we give a  huge shout out to our very own Sammy Murray, who is a DECA state officer and had a huge part in running the conference. She was up on stage multiple times in front of 1,400 people and spoke. She did an excellent job!

Listen to our Theatre Club share on Metroscope.

We had nine students send in audition tapes for the Western International Band Clinic honor bands and three of our students were accepted!  They will participate in the honor bands on the weekend of November 16th – 19th in Seattle.

Robin Hardwick (senior, clarinet)

Brooke-Lynn Hopkins (senior, flute)

Misha Robinson (senior, tenor saxophone)

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Kelso High School is a comprehensive, four-year high school offering a wide range of challenging academic courses. In addition to the core subjects of math, language arts, science and social studies, KHS electives include: art, drama, home and family life, foreign languages industrial technologies, marketing, computer science, music and physical education.

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