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Thank you for your interest in working for the Kelso School District. To be considered for substitute employment with the Kelso School District you must complete our online application and submit required supplemental materials as listed in the job description. Each position requires a separate application. You must have a valid email address and will need to create a user profile as a first time applicant. Your profile will be used to complete an application for each position you want to be considered for.

Our FastTrack application consists of a standard employment application and a series of “Conditions of Employment” and “General” questions. A variety of required documents will also need to be uploaded or scanned into your application (i.e. resume, letters of recommendation), If you do not have a personal scanner, public access to scanners are avail at office supply stores, libraries, or you may bring your documents into our Human Resources Department for scanning. To begin the application process, click here to be redirected to our Job Openings page.

Once you have applied for a substitute position, your application will be reviewed. If approved, you will be invited to a mandatory orientation prior to beginning any substitute opportunities.

  1. Employment Eligibility Verification Instructions & Employment Eligibility Verification I-9 Form – Read instructions. Then print I-9 Form, complete Section 1 – Employee Information and Attestation, sign & date, and bring the I-9 Form to orientation with appropriate documentation (see pg 4).
  2. Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate (W-4) – Print, complete, sign, and bring the W-4 form to orientation along with your social security card (required to verify legal name).
  3. Direct Deposit Authorization – Print, complete, attach a voided check, and bring the Direct Deposit Authorization form to orientation.
  4. Acceptable Use Procedures Acceptable Use Agreement – Review the Acceptable Use Procedures for staff. After reviewing, print, complete, and bring the Acceptable Use Agreement with you to orientation.
  5. CLASSIFIED Substitute – Department of Retirement Eligibility Forms – Review the SERS 2 Guide. Print and complete the highlighted sections of the Position Eligibility Worksheet and the Retirement Status form.
  6. CERTIFICATED Substitute – Department of Retirement Eligibility Forms – Review the TRS 1 or TRS 2 & 3 Guide. Print and complete the highlighted sections of the Position Eligibility Worksheet and the Retirement Status form.
  7. Washington State Sexual Misconduct – Complete one form for each school district you have worked in. If you have no prior experience within a school district, please complete the form but check the box “No prior school district employment”. Print, complete, sign, and bring the Washington State Sexual Misconduct form to orientation. Human Resources will send the form to the respective school district(s) to track progress.
  8. Substitute SafeSchools Trainings – With login ID provided by the Substitute Coordinator, follow the Substitute SafeSchools Training Instructions. Required trainings include: What Every Employee Must Be Told, Hazard Communications: Right to Understand, Safety Data Sheets (GHS), Blood Borne Pathogen Exposure Prevention and District Policies. Substitute Instructional Assistants are also required to complete SafeSchools training: Playground Supervision. Food Service Substitutes are also required to complete SafeSchools training: Food Safety & Kitchen Sanitation
  9. Substitute Emergency Contact Form – All substitutes must have an Emergency Contact Form on file with Human Resources in case there was an on the job emergency in which we had to contact someone on your behalf.
  10. Fingerprint Background Check – All offers of employment are contingent upon the applicant’s satisfactory completion of a fingerprint background check. You will be fingerprinted during orientation. Please bring a cashiers check or money order made out to OSPI for $43.00 (fee for fingerprint background check). Personal checks/cash cannot be accepted.


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