Congratulations on your new position with the Kelso School District! Prior to your start date, you will need to attend a New Employee Orientation. Classified orientations are held twice a month on Wednesday early release days. Human Resources will contact you with our next available orientation date.

Jill Kaufman (360) 501-1945
Certificated Staff

Stefanie House (360) 501-1917
Classified Staff


Welcome to the Kelso School District! Below you will find the new hire paperwork that you need to complete prior to new employee orientation. Please find the new hire paperwork that corresponds to your position type and fill out all of the paperwork that applies to you. When you print your paperwork, please make sure that you print it single sided. You will also need to be fingerprinted prior to starting your employment with the Kelso School District. Please read the Employee Fingerprinting Instructions for further information on how to complete your fingerprints.

Certificated New Hire Paperwork

Classified New Hire Paperwork

Employee Fingerprinting Instructions

Please note, if you are a current sub with our district, you do not need to complete a new I-9, W-4, or Direct Deposit Agreement. You may choose to complete a new W-4 if you want to change your withholding or complete a new Direct Deposit Agreement if you wish to change your bank account information.


If your position is benefit eligible, you will need to complete all benefits paperwork after you attend orientation. You will be provided with this paperwork at orientation; however, if you need a new set of benefits paperwork, you can find it here.

Benefits Paperwork


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