KHS will have 5 late start dates in May to accommodate SBA (Smarter Balance Assessment) and WCAS
(Washington Comprehensive Assessment of Science). Students who will be required to test on these days is as
 May 14 & 16 – ELA SBA – ALL Sophomores and any Juniors that haven’t met grad
standard, as well as Juniors on IEP’s who will be participating in the Off Grade
assessment. Students will need to attend both days.
 May 21 – Math SBA – All Sophomores
 May 23 – Math SBA – Juniors who have not yet met the math standard.

Testing will start at 7:50 AM – 10:40 AM. Students who will require extra time will continue to test after the
10:40 AM time.

All students who are not testing will arrive at our Late Start time of 11:00 AM.

Transportation – On Late Start Testing Days….Buses will be on their normal bus run schedule. If the only
transportation to school for your child is the bus, and is not testing, they will be required to attend one of the
non-testing activities. School will start at 11:00 each day.